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Trampoline Pads

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Jumping on a trampoline is fun for everyone, and also provides great workout. However, using trampoline can be dangerous if safety precautions are not followed. Over 100,000 injuries are reported from trampoline use every year, and that number is increasing. To prevent trampoline injuries, preventative accessories such as trampoline enclosure with safety net, trampoline pads, trampoline mats (beds) may be added to your trampoline setup.

As described in Trampoline Enclosure article, trampoline enclosure with safety net prevents jumpers from falling off the trampoline. Especially, enclosures with nets inside the padding will prevent jumpers landing on edges of the trampoline protecting your kids from severe injuries. In addition to trampoline enclosure, safety pads also add safety to your trampoline by covering metal edges of the trampoline. Almost all trampolines come with safety pads, but not all safety pads are made equal. Trampoline safety pads are available in various shapes and sizes, and are covered by PVC that protects from UV rays. Over a period of time, safety pads do wear out and require replacement.

If you're in a market for new safety pads, you may want to consider safety features of the pads equally important as with the price. Trampoline pads cover edges of the trampoline that are made of metal, where a lot of jumpers could land. Landing too close to medal edge of the trampoline can result in broken ankels, sprained wrists, or demage nect or spines. Trampoline safety pads will help reduce the chance of getting injury from landing on metal edges of the trampoline. Some of the safety feature to be considered on the safety pads include:

  • Made of at least 1-inch thick layer of closed cell polyethylene form. This layer should be protected by a durable cover that is resistant to UV deterioration.
  • Find the safety pads that fits your trampoline. Loose trampoline pads may not be able to protect landing injuries.

Using trampoline enclosures and safety pads will protect your kids from injuries but they're not foolproof. When using trampoline, be sure to follow all safety guidelines and use them properly. Follow person and weight limits (per manual), and whenever possible try avoid placing too many kids in a trampoline at the same time. You should also inspect your trampoline, and accessories for damages periodically. Inspect resiliency of the springs, trampoline fabric, signs of rust, tearing on the mat, and bouncyness of the trampoline.

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