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Trampoline shapes and safety

by Kiddie Toys | 2 comments

Trampolines are designed in various shapes, and different shapes offer varying degree of safety. The most common shapes of trampoline are rectangle, octogan, square and circle. Of the different shapes, rectangular shape offer the most safety while circular design offers the least.

Most safest to least safest:

  • Rectangle
  • Octagon/12-sided
  • Square
  • Circle

Rectangular trampolines:

The mat surface has an even bounce because the springs crisscross. It is less likely for a person to lose balance when they bounce away from the center with less pressure on the rectangular trampolines. The center springs and rails stretch more than the springs at the end rails so the bounce is softer, better, and more controllable. Most rectangular shaped trampoline's stress is on the center part of the rails so you need heavier, stronger materials to make it. The heavier, stronger materials make the trampoline last longer than other shaped trampolines.

Octagon & 12-sided trampolines:

The good thing about octagon and 12-sided trampolines are that the springs don't stress on the center of the trampoline. Instead they crisscross each other a little because of the eight straight rails, which is good for trampolines. The eight straight sides makes more vertical And like the rectangular trampolines, it has less pressure around the person jumping on it. This helps you keep your balance on the trampoline while the springs in the center stretch toward the end of the rails. It also provides a softer, better, and more controllable bounce.

Square trampolines:

The square trampolines also have a crisscrossing springs but not as many verticle springs as a rectangular trampoline. This causes a harder bounce from the springs that are further apart from each other. As a person jumps further away from the springs, their travel is less from the mat. The square trampoline is safer than the round trampoline but the quality of the bounce is the same.

Round trampolines:

The springs on the round trampoline stress only to the center of the trampoline. This makes the center soft so if you bounce away from the center, the mat area gets harder. If you lose your balance, you can collide more easily into another person jumping when you are on a round trampoline. The stress on a round trampoline is distributed equally so you can use lighter and less expensive materials to make it. Many people think that it's safer if the trampoline bounce keeps you in the center of the trampoline, but it makes it more dangerous for people to bounce at the same time in the center.

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