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Blast Zone awards Tier 1 Dealer Award

A recognition letter from the manufacturer:

Due to superior sales and service performance, Kiddie Toys has been selected as a Blast Zone Tier 1 Dealer! Thank you for the efforts on your part to promote our brand, and please accept this as a token of our gratitude; this award is extremely limited. We factor your marketing efforts, support of the brand, sales and customer service in making this decision. Please feel free to display this on your website -we hope to increase buyer confidence by recognizing your superior service.

Thank you, and good luck this season!


Kids Folding Trampoline – Galt or The Original Toy Company?

Often time, customers are confused about the two kids trampolines we offer at Kiddie Toys. Are the Galt trampoline and The Original Toy Company trampoline the same item or are they 2 separate items? They look virtually identical and have the same product descriptions, but are listed on our site as two separate items. Even worse, the Galt Trampoline is listed on Amazon as 4 separate items.


The answer to above question is partly "Yes" and partly "No". Galt Trampoline and The Original Toy Company trampolines are manufacturered from a same design, so they are virtually the same product at the present time but manufactured by two different companies. The Original Toy Company used to be a distributor of Galt Toys, (a United Kingdom company), and operated under the name of Galt America. In 2008, Galt Toys was acquired by an American Company, Elmer's Product, and hence they do not need a distributor in North America; and hence separation of The Original Toy Company and Galt Toys. Susan and Kevin, the owners of Galt Distributor ("Galt America") found a new company called The Original Toy Company, and manufactured the trampoline under its own name. Due to copyright issues, The Original Toy Company have to make a few design changes and manufacture a different trampoline than the Galt Trampoline.

The real difference between the two trampolines is the color of the frame (handle bar and legs). The Original Toy Company trampoline has the blue frame, while Galt Trampoline has the red frame.

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