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Keep kids safe with iSafe backpack

With schools starting just within a few weeks, parents will worry about safety of their children while they were sent off to school. No matter how old your kid is, you just can't feel 100% safe while your kid is walking to and from school. There are gadgets out there to help the kids out when they are in danger. One introduced this year is the iSafe backpack that has a built-in alarm on the strap. This patented backpack can activate the alarm if the child is in trouble or need help gaining attention from nearby pedestrians.

The iSafe bags come in a variety of colors and styles from school backpacks to laptop bags. They even have bags specifically designed for girls who love pink colored backpacks. The alarm gets set off by pulling on a pin in the strap and doesn’t stop until the pin is put back. The rest of the backpack is just like any other backpack, which includes compartments for ipod and other audio devices.

With a power of couple 9V batteries, the iSafe Backpack can alarm the backpack for 2 hours, or set to an interval mode to preserve battery life. The company is offering a 30-day money back guarantee in addition to 50% replacement policy whenever your current iSafe Bag becomes old and unsightly. The replacement bag will not feature the alarm system since it must be transferred from the old bag to the new one.

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