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Bounce House Volunteers

Bounce houses are universally loved by thrill-seekers around the world, and remain highly popular sources of spring and summer entertainment to this day. Due to their wide-spread recognition and appeal, bounce houses have become a staple of local festivals, fairs, and other public events. If you are organizing an event such as this, including a bounce house in the list of festivities will be all but guaranteed to raise public interest in the celebration and bring more guests to the attractions. One thing you will eventually notice when planning such massive events is the amount of compassion in any one community for fun to be had by all. As a result, you may find yourself with many people volunteering to help out with running the games and attractions. Any help should be accepted and encouraged for a large-scale event such as the one you’re planning.

If the public event or celebration you are planning is going to be taking up more than one day, if not a full weekend or longer, you’re likely going to need a lot of help in order to keep order among the exhilaration and entertainment. Whether of their own free will or in response to a call for help, people will show up to volunteer their services for large local events. Many will request to help with the bounce houses, moonwalks, and whatever other inflatable devices you will have on display. These volunteers may consist of familiar faces that show up to volunteer their services at any local celebration. This is selflessness that grows out of one’s love for a town, and should be rewarded. These people can also include potential bounce house owners, possibly still on the fence about buying an inflatable device for their home. Because of this curiosity, they may want to see what owning and operating a bounce house is like for a day or weekend before making the final purchase for their own home. Regardless of intent, you should not deprive anyone of the opportunity to help out with the upcoming events.

There are various tasks for volunteers to carry out in regards to bounce houses. During set-up, bounce house rental crews and technicians have no doubt been brought out to inflate and supervise the inflatable devices for the day. While these people will have a large amount of combined experience in the bounce house industry, they can still do with some help. The crews can likely handle inflating the bouncer and monitoring the blower and outlet set-up for the day, but can still seek additional help during the start of the set-up. Strong volunteers can help by driving and pounding stakes into the ground to secure the bounce houses in place. Once the stakes are firm and unwavering, the crew should be able to handle the rest of the technical aspects.

Another task that volunteers can assist with is supervising the wellness of the bounce house and its participants. While a rental crew will be present at the bounce houses, they will likely be preoccupied with keeping an eye on the technical and electrical features of the bouncer, namely the blower and the outlet. Volunteers can especially help by periodically inspecting the bounce house for any holes or tears that may have suddenly appeared. The sooner these are spotted, the sooner they can be properly repaired. Another way for adults and parents to supervise a bounce house is by monitoring the behavior of younger users, making sure that they play nicely and don’t get too out of control for the rest of the participants. Younger users may also need help climbing in and out of the inflatable bouncers, which is where parents and adults can especially come in handy. All this volunteer work may seem somewhat daunting to plan and enforce, but by the end of the festivities, once the guests have gone home, the lights have been shut off, and the bounce houses have been safely deflated, creating another memorable experience for your town will all have been worth it.

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