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Are There Age Limits For Bounce Houses?

Bounce houses are one of the most popular entertainment devices you can have, safe for use by friends and family alike. While the right inflatable bouncer can be enjoyed by thrill-seekers and jumpers of all ages, children are universally drawn to jumping and leaping more than any other age range. As a result, future parents are more and more frequently considering the purchase of a bounce house as their child’s first toy. A frequent question that many people interested in bounce houses and inflatable devices is: is there a specific age limit for using a bounce house?

While bounce houses can be enjoyed by all children, there is, in fact, such a thing as being too young to use a bounce house. This is a standard practice used throughout the industry, and applies for every bounce house, regardless of size, location, or intended purpose. The restriction is in place as a safety precaution more than anything else. Each bounce house will clearly state the recommended age for use on both the product’s instructional manual and web page.

Typically, all bounce houses, especially those targeted towards children, require their users to be at least three years old before being allowed to use a bounce house. This has been determined through testing by numerous bounce house industry leaders as the most sensible choice. Newborn children are too fragile to participate in such physical activity. Even if the child has taken their first steps and is able to walk, it still does not mean the child is ready to bounce and leap around inside of a bouncer without a serious injury risk. A bounce house is a physical activity that should be built up to. By slowly and steadily developing the child’s physical play exposure during their early years, wanting to jump high and often will be part of a natural progression. By the time a child reaches three years old, and can definitely be considered a toddler, the child should be able to handle more exciting physical games and activities. In fact, the kid will likely be in search of such behavior on a daily basis. By that point, a bounce house will be a terrific venue for the child to achieve valuable outside play, whenever and wherever they want to.

You now know that a child can be too young for a bounce house adventure, but you may be wondering: is there such a thing as being too old for a bounce house? Honestly, the answer is no. Few bounce houses, if any, will have a specific restriction on their packaging or in their manual that state a certain age as being “too old” to use the device. If you, as a responsible adult, feel that you are physically fit enough to bounce and jump without a chance of injury, and you can safely fit within the weight restrictions of the bounce house (which are also clearly labeled on the bouncer’s web page and manual), there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying the thrills of a bounce house.

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