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Bounce House Stakes

Setting up a bounce house is a process that may seem tricky at first, but with enough practice and attempts, you will find it a simple process that will only get easier. Each bounce house available for purchase is very user-friendly, with easy-to-follow instructions that any potential owner can follow easily. The set-up process is all but identical across all types of inflatable devices. All inflatable devices use stakes, which are driven into the ground to keep each inflatable device in place.

The stakes you receive with your order will typically be about 12 inches long, made of strong metal that is almost impossible to break. In order to secure these stakes and your bounce house to the ground, you will need to pound them in place. Lay the bounce house flat out on the ground. At each corner, you will see a loop made out of the same fabric as the rest of the device. These are called tie-down loops, and they are specifically used for holding the stakes in place, keeping the entire set-up from going anywhere. Using a hammer, mallet, or similar tool, drive the stake into the ground through the loop until it is secure and unwavering in the ground. Each stake will have a bent portion at the top. This will keep the tie-down loop from sliding off of the stake. Once all the stakes have been secured, then it becomes safe to turn on your blower, inflate the structure, and start your bouncing for the day.

When it comes time to take down the set-up site, use a hammer or crowbar to pry the stake out of the ground, doing so after the bounce house has been properly deflated, of course. Each stake you receive is strong enough to hold your bounce house in place, yet small enough to fit inside of your over-sized storage bag that shipped along with your bounce house. This means that you’ll never end up misplacing your stakes: if they’re not affixed into the ground, they’re safely stored away in the accompanying bag.

Every single bounce house or inflatable device you can order for delivery will typically ship with four stakes, one for each corner of the inflatable. However, depending on the size of the inflatable device, you may receive more than four stakes with your order. The number of stakes you receive will match the number of tie-down loops that lie on the outside of the inflatable structure’s base. For most bounce houses, the number of tie-down loops is four, so the number of stakes should match that amount. Special cases, like an inflatable obstacle course, are much larger than a standard residential or commercial bounce house, and as a result require more tie-down loops and stakes in order to remain stationary. Also, as a result of the obstacle course’s size, the stakes you receive may end up being significantly larger than the average size stake, ranging anywhere from 12 to 36 inches in order to properly hold the device in place. Regardless of how many stakes you’ll need, the appropriate amount and size will ship with your purchase.

It should be made aware to any potential buyers and owners of bounce houses that you should not use stakes to hold your bounce house in place if you plan on setting up your bounce house inside. If you are setting up indoors, you will require the use of sandbags, tying them to the tie-down loops to hold the inflatable device in place, rather than trying to pound stakes into a hardwood or concrete floor. Also, should these stakes ever become lost or unfit for use, extra stakes will not be part of the shipment and must be ordered separately from a supply web site or hardware store.

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