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Bounce Houses, Hoses, And Sprinkler Systems

Bounce houses are a fantastic source of spring and summer entertainment, but as fun and exciting as they are, they are not impervious to damage or the elements. Water and other liquids can be hazardous to a bounce house’s structural integrity for a variety of reasons, and has no place inside or around the bounce house’s set-up location. Naturally occurring elements such as rain or thunderstorms can’t really be prevented or stopped. However, manmade appliances and outdoor tools, such as hoses and sprinkler systems, can equally be a threat to any inflatable device, and they should be avoided and kept away from any bounce house set-up site.

As strong as the material your bounce house is made of may be, it is still rather susceptible to water, regardless if the source of the liquid is from a rainstorm or a garden hose. If any drop or puddle of water was to settle on the inside or outside of your bounce house, it could cause the formation of mold and mildew if is not properly cleaned and dried. Remember to keep your hose turned off as long as the bounce house is within its stream reach, regardless if it is inflated or deflated. If you have a sprinkler system on your property, remember to keep that turned off as well. However, if you are setting up your bounce house in a public location, such as a park or school ground, they may have planned to set off their sprinklers to remotely water the lawn and grass patches without telling you. These sprinkler systems may also contain chemicals designed to nourish and help the grass grow, which may be good for the blades of grass, but are hazardous to you, your bounce house, and its users. Contact the local park district and compare schedules before you begin your set-up. Notifying the park district, or whoever is in charge or ownership of the set-up location, is always a good idea, as well as a courteous one, whenever you are setting up your inflatable device in a public park or similar area. Making sure that no sprinklers are set to go off during the day’s events is just one of the many reasons why.

While bounce houses, obstacle courses, and other similar devices are not designed to handle water, other inflatable devices are certainly capable. Water slides and inflatable water parks are among the most popular inflatable devices you will find inflated and in use during the summer months to cool off from the humidity and the rays from the sun. The fabric present in these inflatable devices is specifically designed to withstand any damage simple rain or hose water can cause to a standard bounce house, and are capable of standing up to water from the local water supply, be it from a hose or sprinkler system. However, keep in mind that any nearby hose that might normally pose a threat to a bounce house or similar dry inflatable will likely be attached to the water slide to make it more slippery and safe to use. Hoses will almost never be a threat to your water inflatable. Any sprinkler system that may go off while the bounce house is in use will not seriously harm the device. It merely adds a new way for swimmers and inflatable device users to get wet today.

There are certain tips and steps to consider and remember before you set up your water-themed inflatable near a sprinkler system. Make sure that you are not setting up your water slide or park on top of a hidden sprinkler, as it can stretch out the foundation of your set-up site and potentially cause water damage from below. Also check with the park district to make sure that there are no chemicals in the sprinkler water if you are indeed setting it up on public grounds.

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