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Can Adults Use Bounce Houses?

Bounce houses are tremendous sources of entertainment for the upcoming spring and summer months, and show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Frequently in this blog and on our websites, we’ll refer to bounce houses as being fun for all ages, or in similar phrasings. However, an unfortunate idea that is in the heads of many adults and parents still on the fence of buying a bounce house is that they are too old or heavy to use their purchased bouncer, or that bounce houses and inflatable devices in general are only to be used by children. Take note, because we’re about to debunk some common misconceptions about bounce houses.

There seem to be many common reasons why parents can’t use any kind of inflatable device: a bounce house can’t support an adult’s weight, adults are too fragile to start jumping around, and moonwalks are for children, etc. The idea that bounce houses are unable to support the weight of anyone out of their teens is simply not true. Every single inflatable device that you can possibly purchase will ship with a manual clearly stating the amount of weight the bouncer can support when fully inflated. Every bounce house you can find has been stitched multiple times during construction to build up strength and resistance to stress during inflation. As a result, basically every bounce house can support hundreds of pounds at any inflation point. There is obviously no constant weight limit among bounce houses, but your inflatable will clearly state the limits for you to plan around. If you still feel worried about the structural integrity when adults are jumping in a bounce house, don’t worry. Certain inflatable devices, such as inflatable obstacle courses, can assuredly hold the weight of an adult without fear of collapse. Obstacle courses, depending on their size, can hold anywhere from 500 to over 1000 pounds of weight, which can definitely support the weight of many adults simultaneously. As long as you remain responsible and stay within the clearly marked weight limit, anything is possible.

If you feel that you are physically unable to jump around in a bounce house, then that’s your business. No one is going to order you to start jumping if you don’t want to, but be aware of the fact that there are inflatable devices that cater to those in need. There are several types of water-based inflatables that include shallow wading pools easily accessible to anyone. Younger children can play and splash about on the various water slides and activities while their parents or guardians encourage them from the wading pool, staying relaxed while using their device along with their children. This way, adults can supervise their children and the workings of the inflatable at the same time.

If you are a potential bounce house owner still worried about how fragile inflatable devices can be, don’t worry. Bounce houses are more than able to handle users of varying ages. As long as you apply common sense while your bounce house is inflated, and do not exceed the overall weight limit, your inflatable bouncer should have no risk of falling apart from misuse. We know your bounce house will end up in capable, responsible hands.

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  1. I used to bounce around in bouncy houses and I was damn good too. Then I discovered Candy Corn Oreos, now I cant even fit through the inflatable castle doors. Would I trade all of my delicious Oreo experiences for one last jump in a bouncy house? NEVER!

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