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Multiple Blowers On The Same Air Tube

Your bounce house wouldn’t be a bounce house without a blower to inflate it. Every inflatable device of every size and shape needs to be attached to a blower in order to stay inflated during the day’s events. Luckily for you, every available bounce house ships with a blower that is powerful enough to keep that specific inflatable up and running. Attaching the bounce house’s air tube over the mouth of the blower and plugging it in is a job simple enough to be accomplished by anyone. However, keep in mind that only the specified amount of blowers should be used whenever your device is in use. Attempting to put an excessive amount of blowers on the same air tube is a risky and unwise way to use your bounce house, for a variety of reasons.

If your bounce house only ships with one blower, then the chances are very slim, if at all, that you will ever need multiple blowers in order to properly inflate the device. The air tube that you attach the blower to is usually only built to fit over one blower. The tube may be somewhat elastic in order to secure the connection, but rarely will it be elastic enough to properly cover and conceal multiple blower generators at the same time. Doing so would significantly stretch out and weaken the air tube, as well as possibly allow air to seep out.

If your bounce house blower is not functioning properly, or appears to have lowered amounts of power and strength, your blower may have simply lost all its available power. If this scenario occurs, the proper thing to do would be to simply order a replacement blower that has adequate power to keep the bounce house up and running. Replacement blowers should be available at any bounce house supplier web site. It would be unwise to try and fix the problem by sticking multiple blowers onto the same air tube to compensate for the lost power. There’s no point in keeping a dead blower on the set-up site, in addition to the more than capable replacement. If the device no longer works, it must be replaced. Also, as a result, the now complicated set-up will look haphazard and unprofessional.

However, sticking multiple blowers on the same tube puts the bounce house at serious risk beyond just aesthetic unpleasantness. If you have more than one blower on the same air tube, you will likely put the bounce house at risk of over-inflation. An excessive amount of air shooting into the same confined area will put the bounce house at risk of bursting under the strain and pressure of all that air. Follow the included manuals, and apply common sense and responsibility when operating any inflatable device.

Now, there are certain inflatable devices out there that require more than one blower in order to stay properly inflated, and as a result, those specific inflatables will ship with multiple blowers in order to function properly. However, those inflatable devices also happen to have multiple air tubes located at different points on the bottom of the device, each designed to only hold one blower at a time. You’ll rarely have a situation where sticking multiple blowers onto the same tube would be safe or advisable.

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