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Natural Shifting

Bounce houses and other types of inflatable devices may all be different in their own ways, but they all share certain traits that are a basic part of being inflatable. These features can include requiring a blower to stay inflated, or being susceptible to harm or injury from sharp objects. Each type of inflatable has its own unique features, but these certain attributes are impossible to remove from the inflatable device without completely changing the nature of the object. A certain, specific type of similarity present in all inflatable devices is the “natural shifting” that occurs whenever they are fully inflated. The process may initially seem unnatural, but it is one of the defining features of a bounce house.

When a bounce house has been set-up, secured to the ground, and inflation has begun, then the process known as natural shifting will always occur. As the blower is plugged in, it begins to send a steady stream of air through the air tube and into the walls of the device. At first, the presence of air causes the bounce house to inflate. Once the device is fully up and about, the air then begins to circulate around the inside of the walls. As a result, the air from the blower causes the bounce house to slightly shift along with the movement of the air, but never any more than a few inches in all directions at any given time. As long as a steady stream of air is being blown into the device by an activated blower, the device will constantly experience this slight movement, even if there is no one present in the device. With people bouncing around inside of the device, the shifting of the bounce house becomes practically unnoticeable. Natural shifting is not a hazard to any potential users of the bounce house. All inflatable devices are prone to natural shifting due to their designs.

As long as the inflatable device is anchored into the ground, the bounce house’s natural shifting movements will never get out of control or start to move the bounce house off of its set-up location. Trying to excessively hold the bounce house or inflatable device in place in an attempt to prevent natural shifting is not encouraged, as such actions will cause stress and strain on the bounce house’s walls and interior. This is also why it is so important to allow some space on all sides of your bounce house whenever you are setting it up. This applies for both outdoor and indoor set-up locations. If you don’t give the appropriate amount of space for the bounce house to shift around, then the bounce house may end up pushing up against trees, appliances and vehicles during natural shifting. Inside, the bounce house may uncomfortably come into contact with tables, chairs, beds, or simply become smashed against the walls. The pressure against these foreign objects may cause the bounce house’s materials to become weakened, if not torn or slashed in the process. Wherever you will be bouncing today, always make sure that you give your bounce house enough room to shift.

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