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Preventing Mud And Mold From Forming

Summer is here, and in full swing! All across the country, people of all ages are finding new ways to relax or experience incredible thrills every day thanks to inflatable devices. Inflatable water slides are specifically designed to provide excitement and fun during summertime; they’ve been doing so for decades, and show no signs of stopping anytime soon. However, there are concerns involving inflatable water slides regarding the safety of the water slide’s walls and floors, either due to user error or threats from nature. All potential elements that could pose a problem to the well-being of your water slide have been addressed and can be easily solved. The two most common threats from nature that can seriously affect your inflatable slide are mud and mold.

All inflatable water slides are easy targets for mud because of the high amounts of water that are required to power and provide the slide with purpose. When you take water from a garden hose, water flowing down the slope of the slide, and the water forming in the shallow pool at the foot of the slide, and then place all of those water sources on top of grass and dirt, the creation of mud is all but a certainty. Unless you were to set up your water slide on pavement or concrete, a wet piece of land underneath your blow-up slide is inevitable. However, the fabric that makes up your inflatable water slide is by design more capable of standing up to wet elements from nature. Mud will only start to harm your inflatable’s fabric if you allow it to become caked onto the materials. At the end of the day, once everyone has had their fill of the slide, complete the deflation process. Then, thoroughly wash all sides and faces of your slide’s walls. Follow standard cleaning procedures during the sanitation process and you should be free from your worries. You can also set down a tarp between the slide and the ground during initial set-up to avoid most direct contact with mud.

Take extra care to completely dry off your inflatable water slide after it has been sterilized and hosed down. If you neglect to finish the sanitation process or simply forget to hose down the bounce house, mold will more than likely begin to form in the folds of your water slide’s fabric. Although your inflatable water slide’s walls may be able to stand up to large quantities of water every single day, the presence of mold will wear down the quality of the walls, weakening the materials and more than likely leading to permanent decay. Use an assortment of towels or rags to completely dry off every square inch of your inflatable water slide. If necessary, seek help from your friends and others who were using the slide during the day.

Cleanliness is of the highest importance when handling any inflatable device, whether it is a water slide, a residential or commercial bounce house, or even a giant obstacle course. As long as you can maintain proper sanitation, natural elements will not stand a chance against your bouncer.  As a result, your inflatable device will last far longer than the average, and will provide thrills and entertainment for many years to come.

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