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Setting Up Your Bounce House On Public Property

Bounce houses are a fantastic source of entertainment, and more people are given the chance to jump around in one every year. Frequently, people get to experience a bounce house at carnivals and festivals held by the park district. If you are volunteering for a public event or celebration, offering to bring your bounce house can increase the number of guests that come to your festival, as well as increasing the amount of fun things present at the party. However, parties may not be the only reason you’d want to set your bounce house up on public property. Depending on your location, such as a city or urban area, a public park may be the only place that can comfortably support a bounce house. It is certainly possible for you to set up your bounce house on public grounds, but there are some steps you’ll need to follow in order to get it done.

If you want to set up your bounce house on public property, the first thing you’re going to have to do is talk to your local park district office for permission. Once you are in contact with the park district, you’re going to need a permit from your town in order to set up your inflatable on their property. If you can gain the permit, congratulations! You should now be free to set up your bounce house or inflatable device on a wide variety of public areas as soon as possible. These locations may include a public park, field, school grounds, church grounds, or parking lot, among several others. The permit that you acquired is also good for indoor set-up, as well. If you can find and lock down the appropriate space, you should be free to set up your bouncer in a gymnasium, warehouse, or storage facility. To show your appreciation and cooperation, it is recommended that you call or notify the park district every time you wish to set up your inflatable. It may be necessary in order to fit their schedule and planned events.

Before you go rushing off for the permit right this second, there are some tips for setting up your bounce house on public grounds that you should be aware of. For instance, if you’re in a wide open public park, the chances of an outlet being right where you need it to be are slim. In order to provide power for your blower, and, as a result, for your inflatable device, you’re going to need to acquire a portable generator. Portable generators are used by bounce house rental companies to provide power to bounce houses in areas without nearby and ready outlets. These generators run off their own charged power and do not require an outlet to function properly. If you are unable to find a portable generator, try to contact a nearby bounce house renter for information and a possible product list.

As with all other outdoor set-ups, check the weather beforehand and make sure that there is no storm coming during your set-up day. If poor weather does strike your set-up site, make sure that you have clear and easy access to a nearby indoor location to wait out the storm. Plan out the public area beforehand so you have some idea of where to go if a crisis situation does strike. In addition, make sure that you inspect the ground before you begin to pound in the bounce house’s stakes. If you are hammering the stakes and they are not staying secure, then you should find a better area with grass and dirt that has been better maintained. Also be on the lookout for a patch of grass or pavement that is as smooth and level as possible. After you’ve followed these steps and properly completed the set-up, treat your bounce house and its surroundings like you were on your own property. Keep respect for the landscape, and keep safe while bouncing around in public!

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  1. Setting up a bounce house on public place needs extra efforts and time for the first time and after you can gain lots of attention form public as it is a public place full of visitors and people going from one place to other.

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