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Signs Of Good And Bad Bounce House Rental Companies

For giant festivals, events, and celebrations, bounce houses can be among the best and most popular entertainment devices available. Bounce houses can be an incredible responsibility, and if the event is large enough, it may be necessary to rent at least one bounce house from an inflatable device rental company in order to be able to entertain all your guests. However, while rental companies exist in practically every state, there may still be potential uncertainty. There are some companies out there who are inexperienced in their chosen field, or only in the inflatable device industry for the profit, and should be avoided if at all possible. Although these companies exist, there are several ways for you, the consumer, to inspect and analyze whichever rental business you come across to see if they are legitimate or not.

Make sure that the company you choose to rent from remains in frequent contact with you, especially if and when the day of the party or event is fast approaching. Good rental companies will always attempt to stay in touch with you and your associates, while sub-par or overworked companies may seem distant. Search for a company that will help to plan out the schedule for the day, or days, that you want to utilize a bounce house. Once you’ve chosen a style and type of bounce house, and have locked in a day or weekend for renting, a top-notch bounce house company will keep in contact with you to check if any changes have been made to the schedule. The best bounce house companies will also stay in touch if the weather forecast for the days planned for the events suddenly appears potentially dangerous.

In addition, most bounce house rental companies will send a team of operators, commonly referred to as a rental crew, out with their bounce house to handle the set-up and function of the inflatable device during the day’s events. Now, depending on the size of the company, they may or may not be able to send a crew out to assist you. However, a questionable company will likely not tell you beforehand what their policy is, instead opting to have you merely pick up and operate the bounce house yourself.

If your rental company does send a crew out to assist you during the celebration, make sure that the crew knows what they are doing and can use common sense. Granted, if the company is resourceful enough to maintain a crew of operators for each job, they will likely be smart and experienced enough anyway to know what is right and wrong, but it can’t hurt to be sure. For instance, every so often in the news, you will either see or hear about a bounce house that’s been blown away, likely due to the fact that the people in charge of operating the bounce house had attempted a standard set-up, despite the almost guaranteed risk and danger involved. This will likely be due to not wanting to delay or deviate from the plans made in advance. However, such rash actions can threaten lives, and should be objected to and noted to later inform the company of poor judgment. You should not be considering a set up of a bounce house when the wind is blowing faster than 15 miles per hour, and any rental company that tries to do so, in spite of the fairly obvious risks, should be considered irresponsible at best.

The best rental companies will give you several options for features and favors regarding your bounce house, or will at the very least clearly state what their limitations are (essentially, what they can and cannot offer at this time). The more you hear from a bounce house rental company, the more helpful and friendly they’ll end up being. Once you’ve found the best company in your area, be sure to tell your friends about them so they know who to go to for future celebrations.

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  1. Safety is the thing I do not see stressed here enough. Make sure the company you rent from has good refrences and meets any and all state regulations. This says alot about a company and their track record. If they care enough to carry insurance and meet state guidelines, the rest usually falls into place.

    So many people get in and out of this business daily, it is a good practice to see how many years they have been renting inflatables. This can also tell you if they are trustworthy as they will not last if they are not. With all the new comers, very few take the time to research all the safety standards and just merely set them up weather permitting or not. I have seen so many bounce houses just put up by other companies with no stakes or sandbags at all. This is an accident waiting to happen as it only takes one simple gust of wind to change lives if they are not appropriately anchored.

    We have been doing this for 12 years and our customer base continues to grow daily from word of mouth. That is the best testimony a company can get to their dependability.

  2. You are correct! Good companies will care about their customers and therefore provide good communication. At a minimum, you should receive a confirmation of the reservation either by email or phone if the reservation is made online as well as a phone call a day or two prior to the rental with weather updates and a delivery time estimate. We do not want our customers crossing their fingers and hoping that we will show up. Some of our competitors just don’t show up (they overbook or have too many deliveries in one area such that they cannot fit in the reservation that is further away). We get too many calls like this. We like the business it brings, but it give the industry a bad name.

    Bounce Houses and Moonwalks Rentals|Northwest Indiana

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