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The Great Inflatable Device Races

One of the best things about inflatable devices, regardless of their classification or intended use, is their inherent ability to entertain anyone who uses them in a variety of ways. Two different households with the same bounce house may end up using them in different ways: for instance, one may use their bouncer for indoor relaxation on a hot summer day, while another may compete to see who can jump the highest. The “dual purpose” concept is most definitely true for inflatable devices with complex designs and themes, such as water parks or combo bouncers.

Bounce houses with elaborate constructions are notably well-equipped to hold races and competitions among friends, which can lead to some of the greatest amounts of fun one can have in an inflatable moonwalk. A game that we’ve all played with friends at one point is having a race with each other: for instance, “to that tree and back”. The thrill of trying to beat your friends to the finish line is an exciting feeling that all people around the world can appreciate. Bounce house and inflatable device designers have taken notice of this, and are beginning to more frequently incorporate this into their ideas and creations.

The class of inflatable devices most suited to racing is the obstacle courses. These inflatables are widely popular at large camps, parties, and public gatherings due to their ability to hold and entertain more people at once than any other inflatable. Part of what makes an obstacle course unique is how it users will be able to make it from the starting gate to the end of the course. Some potential obstacles you will find in one of these inflatables include hurdles, ball pits, mazes, tunnels, and climbing up and down ladders. As a result, trying to safely make your way through the path, while at the same time racing through the traps and hurdles against friends and family members adds a whole new level of fun to the action, and can lead to months of entertainment. After all, once you’ve finished the course, there’s nothing stopping you from running to the start and trying it out again.

Water-themed inflatables are another wonderful source of racing fun and entertainment. This can clearly be seen in certain water slides, which can be constructed with multiple lanes. The presence of side-by-side slopes is just begging for users to slide down together, in a contest to see who can reach the pool at the bottom the quickest. Another potential source of water racing fun can be found in inflatable water parks. Like the combo bouncers, which they are noticeably similar in style to (only adding a spout for hoses to attach to and a shallow wading pool), water parks have multiple different activities built into their design in a relatively small amount of overall space. If users choose to, they could potentially hold races with each other across the water park, traveling through each activity in a specific order before reaching the end. It should be noted that every race that is held in or on a water inflatable should be done so with a great deal of care and safety in mind to avoid accidental slipping, colliding, and other such injuries.

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