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The Most Popular Sports In A Bounce House

A common feature that you will find in a good majority of bounce houses is the presence of additional games and activities located in the bouncing area. The most common types of games you’ll find in these bounce houses are modified versions of popular sports, each with their own unique take on the activity. While all the games you’ll find are fun, some sports are more adept for the transition from court or field to the bounce house than others.

Basketball is one of the most beloved sports in the country. Gymnasiums, public parks, and driveways all over the world have at least one basketball hoop set up for team play, a quick game of H.O.R.S.E., or improving one’s skills. Basketball is likely one of the most popular games or sports that can be played safely in a bounce house. All that is required for a game of basketball to be played inside of your jump house is the presence of one, or preferably two, hoops to shoot the ball through. Almost all bounce houses that carry a sports theme these days include at least one hoop made from vinyl materials found in the walls of the bouncer itself. These hoops are easy to construct and install, and in the interests of team play, will be found in multiple locations inside of the structure. Users can split themselves up into teams and play competitively or for exhibition and recreation all day long. Sports bouncers such as these always come with at least one ball for use right out of the box. Each ball that ships with an inflatable device, regardless of the sport, is made from safe neoprene materials, safe for use by all ages and almost impossible to even accidentally harm someone with.

Inflatable bouncers specifically designed with the game of dodgeball in mind are great fun and are always highly recommended by customers. The bouncing area of inflatable devices like the Jump’n Dodgeball is separated into two different areas by a wall running through the center. This wall has multiple holes of varying sizes and positions (some large, some small, some close to the floor, some at eye level, etc.) Kids split up into teams and throw the included dodgeballs through the holes to the other side, trying to hit the players on the opposing team, all while leaping and jumping out of the way of the opposing players’ throws.

Some inflatable devices can contain sports in the form of games, or activities, but cannot really be considered “sports-themed bounce houses”. For instance, baseball is one of the nation’s most popular and endearing sports, and is a staple of summertime activity and entertainment. However, you will rarely find a bounce house that allows users to play baseball inside of the bouncing area. Even if the bat and ball are made of soft neoprene materials, the majority of bouncing areas are too confined for the game of baseball to be truly played and appreciated. Instead, there are several baseball-themed inflatable devices that allow users to more accurately and safely simulate the national pastime. Inflatable devices like the Inflatable Arcade Style Baseball Challenge are essentially arcade or midway games that can be set up in your own home. The object of the inflatable is to improve one’s pitching ability by throwing the softballs through the specified holes in the back wall. The better you throw, the more points you receive. Regardless of intent or the sport, bounce houses and inflatable devices with sports themes are guaranteed to be top-notch sources of physical activity and summer entertainment.

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