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The Presence Of Animals

Bounce houses are a wonderful way to entertain you, your family, and friends during the summer and spring. A good deal of families that have purchased bounce houses also own pets, and concerns are often voiced over what to do with these pets once the bounce house has been set up and inflated. Although the option exists to inflate your bounce house indoors, most of the time, you will likely be inflating the bounce house outside. No matter where you live, outside, there will always be some presence of wild animals near your property, and their safety, as well as the safety of your pets, is a serious matter that should be addressed.

As beloved and cherished as pets and other animals are, the combination of pets and bounce houses is one that should be avoided. The decision is an industry standard which exists to protect pets everywhere around the world, in addition to keeping the bounce houses themselves safe. The most popular pets around the world today are cats, dogs, and birds. All of these animals, regardless of breed or classification, have claws or talons. If you were to place these pets inside of a bounce house, not only would they likely become uneasy and frightened due to the unfamiliar inflatable ground beneath them, they may end up puncturing the bounce house due to their claws being fully extended in fear. It is for their own safety that you leave your pets inside during the bounce house festivities, or away from the action should the bounce house be inflated indoors.

Despite initial and valid concerns, you will likely not have any problems dealing with wild animals while playing with your bounce house. In your area, the wild animals that you likely see more often than any other creatures are birds and rodents, such as squirrels and rabbits. You will notice that these animals are often scared of humans and run off when they are approached. Since there will always be at least one person using an inflated bounce house at any one time, a wild animal will likely be too afraid to explore the area. Although, it might be possible that a wild animal such as a squirrel or a deer might be curious if the bounce house was left inflated and unattended. However, since there will and should always be multiple people around whenever an inflatable device has been set up and blown up, this scenario should never play out.

The only animals that should be a part of your bounce house experience are the ones that appear in the theme of your bounce house. Despite the fact that animals have no real place near a bounce house, a good majority of inflatable devices with animal themes remain some of the most popular bounce houses purchased every year. For instance, bounce houses with a jungle theme, like the Jungle Theme 4 In 1 Combo, use images of lions, monkeys, snakes, exotic birds, and various other creatures to place its users, and their imaginations, on a wild jungle safari while they explore and bounce through the varying secret areas of the combo bouncer. Bounce houses that have an ocean theme, like the 13 ft x 13ft Inflatable Marine Life Dolphin Jumper use dolphins and cartoon fish to reach the same end; other ocean-themed inflatables may use sharks, whales, jellyfish, and other marine life to create the swimming and bouncing sensations. So, in a way, animals can be a part of the bounce house experience. They just need to be inflatable themselves.

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