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Protecting Your Bounce House During Torrential Rainstorms

Recently, rain and thunderstorms have been turning up more and more often in the weather forecast lately. These natural elements, while vital, can seriously derail any plans you might have had for a fun day for you and your friends in your bounce house. The stronger the storm, the more likely that harm may accidentally come to your inflatable device while outside. However, protecting your bounce house from such occurrences is as simple as setting up the bouncer in the first place: anyone can do it, and all owners of a bouncer should be aware of them.

Clearly, the basic first steps during these incidents are to evacuate everyone from the bounce house as soon as the rainfall begins to seriously pick up. A slight drizzle of rain will not have a serious effect on the bounce house, depending on the quantities of water. However, once the rainfall begins to pick up in both quantity and frequency, thunder can be heard, or lightning can be seen, then it is definitely time to evacuate. Once all users have left the bouncing area and are safely indoors, shut off the blower. Once the bounce house has been fully deflated, the normal procedure is to leave the flattened bounce house out in the rain. However, depending on the severity of the storm, in addition to the presence of lightning, the bounce house may be at risk if left alone in the rain.

A good way to protect your bounce house from a steady downpour from above is to shield the deflated device with a tarp. Placing a tarp completely over the deflated bounce house during a storm can provide an additional layer of protection to your inflatable device. The tarp will absorb a good deal of the water damage, protecting the bounce house underneath from a serious threat of mildew and mold, in addition to potentially weakening the walls of the bounce house. It doesn’t matter if the jump house is made from polyvinyl chloride or woven oxford cloth; both are susceptible to heavy rainfall. Secure your tarp to the ground with additional stakes or by piling multiple weighted objects (such as sandbags or rocks) onto each corner. When the storm has lifted remove the tarp. Your bounce house will not be totally dry underneath, but will have avoided a good deal of potential damage. In addition to shielding the bounce house, it would also be wise to secure another tarp over the outlet plug

Heavy downpours can just as easily bring strong gusts of wind to your area, in addition to the many inches of rain water. All that wind can not only inadvertently attempt to blow the bounce house’s stakes out of the ground, toppling the device, but can also cause damage to the nature in your yard. Tree branches and yard equipment can be knocked down from heavy rainfall and blown about the yard. If these come into contact with the bounce house on the ground, it could potentially cause a tear in the fabric. Stay on watch during the storm; if anything is knocked down outside, have you and some able-bodied friends run out and clear the debris from the bouncing area. Remember to not set up a bounce house directly underneath trees or power lines to avoid any immediate catastrophe.

If you remain unsure about the weather, make sure that you plan out any parties and events that involve your bounce house ahead of time. It would be risky to attempt a set-up for your bounce house and make plans for a party if the forecast predicts a good chance of rain for the upcoming days. If you have made plans with a rental company to rent a bounce house for a specific date or weekend, and rain suddenly turns up in the forecast, then get back in contact with them as soon as you can. Reschedule the dates if the storm appears definite. Always keep in mind that a worthy alternative to bouncing outdoors is bouncing indoors, with a solid roof over your head. In order to secure your bounce house on solid ground, as opposed to the grass in a field, you will need sandbags, sold separately, to hold it in place. Always remember that after the storm has lifted, your bounce house will need immediate care if it has been left outside. Have you and some friends wipe down your bounce house with towels after the rain has lifted. This will prevent the formation of mildew on the vinyl surface, and will prolong the life of the bouncer.

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How Many Pounds Of Sand?

Plans for using your bounce house for a party or celebration may become sidetracked for a variety of reasons. The common culprit for these delays is poor weather, which can strike your party area through heavy rainstorms, thunder and lightning, strong gusts of wind, and low wind-chill temperatures. However, your day is not ruined. Having a bounce house party indoors is a worthy alternative that constantly grows in popularity and preference each year. To set up an inflatable device under a solid roof, you’re going to need sandbags to secure the bounce house to the ground, thereby avoiding possible collapse and injuries.

These sandbags intended for indoor bounce house use help to stabilize your inflatable device and hold it in place during jumping. Made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), also known as the same material used to construct most bounce houses, these sandbags are very hard to damage, and are likely to last a long time, usually as long as the bounce house itself. The majority of sandbags that you can purchase for your bounce house have a weight capacity of about 50 pounds. This means that if you have a sandbag for every corner of your bounce house, it will take about 200 pounds of sand in order to evenly secure the inflatable device to the ground. However, for inflatable devices on a larger scale, the amount of bags necessary for fastening will likely increase. It all depends on the amount of tie-down loops present on your inflatable device’s base. Outside, you would pound stakes into the ground through these loops in order to lock down the bouncer. Inside, you tie the sandbags to these loops to keep the bounce house steady and unmoving throughout the day. Typically, the sand to fill the bags will not arrive with the bags themselves; you will need to buy it separately from a home improvement store.

Your inflatable device may not need all 50 pounds of each bag to remain firmly to the ground. The definite weight of sand needed to fix the bouncer’s position may vary depending on the type of bounce house you have. We recommend testing this by filling each sandbag with varying levels of sand, then checking if the bounce house will remain secure. Usually, though, it’s a good idea to fill these bags up at least halfway.

When you feel you have added an acceptable level of sand in your bag, you must then completely seal it using the zipper on the mouth of the bag. Make sure that the zipper is absolutely tight and secure before tying it to the bottom loops of the bouncer. If the zipper is not sealed tight, then grains of sand can begin to leak out of the top of the bag during use. This could cause the bounce house to come loose from the set-up area. If leaks in the bag are spotted, either from a loose zipper or from a tear in the bag itself, cease bouncing temporarily while the bag is being replaced.

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February Contest Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations to TxTerriSweeps on twitter for winning our contest for a free Galt Trampoline! For those that did not win your previous entries will roll over to the next contest giving you a higher chance of winning so please remember to enter our next contest! Thank you to those that entered and good luck for next time!

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Monthly Giveaways

We will be holding a new giveaway contest every month so please be sure to enter often!

Contest Rules & Stipulations:

- You will only receive one entry per method of entry per month.
(For example if you did all the methods of entry for the February contest you will have 5 chances to win the February prize)

- If you do not win, all of your entries from the previous months will roll over to the new contest.
(For example, if you did not win the February contest and you did all the methods of entry, you will have 5 extra chances of winning going into the March contest)
(If you did not win the March contest and you did all the methods of entry for March, you will then have 10 extra chances of winning going into the April contest)

- In order for the entries to roll over, you must enter (comments) at least once or more every month.

Good Luck!!
Kiddie Toys

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Are you looking for that perfect birthday present to give to your 3 yr. + child, niece, nephew, or even a friend’s child? Or looking for the perfect item to put in your pre-school class for your students to enjoy? The Galt folding trampoline has been becoming popular as a recreation item in homes, schools, and private properties.


The Galt trampoline is a nursery junior trampoline with an easy grip handle, to encourage children to exercise and keep fit. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use; the Galt folding trampoline has a tough weatherproof mat and tubular steel frame with a durable coated finish. The Galt folding trampoline is great for developing gross motor skills. For extra safety of the Galt mini trampoline, the padded cover around the mat cushions the frame and prevents children from stepping through the bungee cord.

The folding trampoline is designed to help kids and toddlers involve in the physical "jumping" activity. Kids naturally enjoy jumping, and having them jump on the trampoline is much better than jumping on the sofa for a bed. The ASTM Safety approved nursery folding trampoline is safe, easy to assemble and help kids engage in activity. This folding trampoline is also great for special needs children.

We will be giving one GALT FOLDING TRAMPOLINE away to one of our writers!!

What Our Writers Need To Do

• Leave a comment on yours or someone else's experience with this trampoline on

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REMEMBER - the more you do the better chances of winning the Galt Folding Trampoline. The winner will be selected on Tuesday March 1, 2011.

Good Luck!!
Kiddie Toys

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Blast Zone awards Tier 1 Dealer Award

A recognition letter from the manufacturer:

Due to superior sales and service performance, Kiddie Toys has been selected as a Blast Zone Tier 1 Dealer! Thank you for the efforts on your part to promote our brand, and please accept this as a token of our gratitude; this award is extremely limited. We factor your marketing efforts, support of the brand, sales and customer service in making this decision. Please feel free to display this on your website -we hope to increase buyer confidence by recognizing your superior service.

Thank you, and good luck this season!


Kiddie Toys attends Toy Fair 2009

As part of merchandising effort, Kiddie Toys attended Toy Fair 2009 hosted in NYC, NY. Toy Fair, the biggest show in the Western Hemisphere for the toy and youth product industry, boasts over 360,000 square feet of exhibits, more than 100,000 products from over 1,200 companies.

From more than 100,000 products, the Toy Industry Association (TIA) announced the winners of the ninth annual Toy of the Year (TOTY) awards. The winning companies include Fisher-Price ('Elmo Live'), Playmobile USA ('Playmobil Horse Farm'), Spin Master ('Battle Brawlers Battle Pack Series 1 Spheres', 'Air Hogs Zero Gravity Micro', 'Brawlers Battle Pack Series 1 Spheres'), Bananagrams ('Bananagrams'), Crayola ('Crayola 3D Sidewalk Chalk', 'Crayola Color Wonder Magic Light Brush'), LeapFrog ('LeapFrog TAG Reading System'), Hasbro ('Biscuit My Lovin' Pup'), Faber-Castell ('Create Your Own Pop-Up Books') and Cartoon Network ('Bakugan Battle Brawlers').

In today's tough economy, retailers like Kiddie Toys has to get more creative in reaching out to customers and tighten our operation in order to stay profitable. A wrong strategy, or a wrong move will hurt businesses really bad in this tough economy, and could potentially force them into bankruptcy like the KB Toys. Kiddie Toys' current focus is to offer best-value products in the following categories: activity and outdoor toys, ride-on toys, pretend play, furniture and room decorations, and sporting goods. Our current aim is to offer physical activity toys that can help children develop cognitive and motor skills.

Since beginning ecommerce operation in November 2007, Kiddie Toys has grown into a multi-million dollar business in less than a year. We'll continue to offer educational toys, sporting goods and toys that help child development. As a deeply discounted toy retailer, Kiddie Toys value customer service and employee development by offering best-value products in the toy industry.


Kiddie Toys attends Land ‘N Sea Dealer Show

Land 'N Sea hosted a dealer show at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center from 10/27 to 10/29. As a merchandising effort, Kiddie Toys attended the show and found a few exciting summer sporting goods that will be featured on our website during the summer of 2009.

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iHobby expo 2008

In an effort to bring best toys to our customers, Kiddie Toys attended the iHobby Expo 2008 on October 17th, 2008. There were a couple of demo tracks with RC cars and trucks racing and bumping each other making the show a little more exciting. Kiddie Toys currently offer MegaTech RC boats and RC planes, and diecast models from a selective vendors such as FeenixToys and Warehouse 36. We've found some exciting toys in the expo, and hence will be adding more trains, RC trucks and diecast models from more vendors.

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