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Bounce House/Club House

One of the great dreams a kid can have growing up is the hope of one day having their own personal club house or tree house in their backyard. The clubhouse can be used by the child and all of their close friends, and can act as their own personal escape from the world and its worries. Unfortunately, club houses and tree houses are not always given the chance to be created.

In order for a club house to be built in the yard, you would first need enough space in the backyard for such a structure to fit. Creating a small-scale house for children to safely use on a daily basis requires the parents to have some knowledge of construction, as well as the ability to put it into practice. Tree houses are even more difficult to build, as they require a tree in the yard large and broad enough to allow for construction to take place on its branches, in addition to being strong enough to support the combined weight of all its users at any given time. This is another scenario where bounce houses are a worthy alternative to stress, and can make some of those club house dreams come true.

Bounce houses are top-notch sources of excitement and recreation, and can prove to be more worthwhile than a club house or tree house. Unlike the club houses, which require physical strength and knowledge of a specific craft to come into creation, bouncers only need enough space for a safe set-up; from there, it’s only a matter of reading an instructional manual. There’s no real need for extensively planning out procedure as you likely would need to for a club house. However, jump and club houses both share many common ideas. Like club houses, bounce houses have strong ties with a child’s imagination. Tree houses can be a safe haven for best friends to gather after school or on weekends to catch up or hang out. But, they can also be a source of great entertainment and fantasy. Children inside of a tree house can pretend they’re in their own personal fortress, safe from the rest of the world, or in a castle or airplane high in the sky. Bounce houses allow for much of the same behavior to take place. Friends can gather in the main bouncing area just to hang out, and with the right theme, children can believe they’re on a wild jungle safari, or sailing the seven seas in search of buried treasure. Inflatable structures like a bounce house are more than capable of being a worthy alternative, or even a companion, to the imaginative world of the club house.

There are even specific bounce houses that appeal directly to the idea of having your own personal club house. This can be seen in bouncers like the Kidwise Clubhouse, which contains multiple climbing and bouncing areas, in addition to multiple slides inside and outside its walls. These features allow children to imagine themselves in a remarkable safe location which is theirs to explore, while at the same time allowing them to bounce, slide, and soar through the air simultaneously. The bouncer’s green and brown color scheme creates the imagery of a tree house in the yard, only without all the hard work that goes into creating such a structure. Wonderful, imaginative themes such as these are another source of proof that bounce houses are an absolute treasure.

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