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Bouncing Area Shapes

If you are searching for a bounce house this summer, it may take some time to find just the right kind. As fun and exciting as bounce houses can be, the one that fits best for you and your family may not exactly be on the main page of the first web site or catalog you check. There are several different styles and types of inflatable devices, each with their own unique features to be categorized by. One such way to sort through the ever-growing list of available bounce houses is by the shape and size of the actual bouncing area.

The most common shape that you will find in your search for an inflatable bouncer is a square. This can apply to both the bouncing area itself as well as the overall shape of the inflatable device. While the actual official dimensions of the square bouncers may differ slightly in inches or feet, such as the Superstar Bounce House, whose area is 12’ x 14 ft, as long as the actual bouncing area resembles a square, the item is categorized as a square bouncer. Square-shaped bounce houses are typically the easiest to design and create. Once the bouncing area has been completed on each square bouncer, then additional pieces and designs may be added to the outside of the structure. These pieces give the square bouncer their own unique features, and almost something of an identity, while still maintaining the square centerpiece. Typically, bounce houses designed for young children who are just being introduced to the concept of bouncing and physical activity will take a square shape. The square design is simple and very accessible to younger children, who do not require a complex and elaborately-designed bouncer to be curious and eager to explore.

Bounce houses that are in the shape of a rectangle are also fairly commonly manufactured by bounce house companies. Typically, rectangular bounce houses and inflatable devices have a very elaborate design, with complex designs and features, such as slides built coming out of the bouncing area. These unique features often push the length of the bounce house to be several feet longer than the rest of the bouncer. There are a solid amount of bounce houses and inflatable combo bouncers created that have a square bouncing area surrounded by a variety of exciting activities. Others, like the Quantum Leap Bounce House, are specifically designed to have a longer bouncing area to allow users to make longer leaps and bounds; this allows for a more authentic simulation of leaping and exploring the moon.

During your search for the best bounce house, you might come across bouncers with unusual, fairly unique shapes for their bouncing area. These are all fully functional and pose no unnecessary risk to you or your family, but they are noteworthy when trying to categorize. One such odd shape for a bounce house is an octagonal shape, as seen in the Pop Star Bounce House With Slide. The octagon shape allows for the slide to be easily attached, with added square feet for an increased number of potential users. Due to complexities in their construction, bounce houses in the shape of a perfect circle may be hard to come by, but there are such examples, like the Gladiator Arena, which is as close to a perfect circle as an inflatable device can get without being impractical. Typically, inflatable devices that are not shaped like a square or rectangle are classified as inflatable devices, rather than bounce houses with safety nets and vinyl roofs encasing the structure. Whichever shape you end up choosing, you're going to have a fantastic time bouncing throughout the summer days.

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