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Futuristic Bounce Houses

Bounce houses are, without question, some of the best sources of summer and spring entertainment available. One of the best things one can genuinely say about the bounce house industry is its constant strides of ingenuity and innovation. Bounce houses are created and released every month with the purpose of creating an unforgettable adventure. A common theme among modern bounce house manufacturers is the concept of looking forward. Imagining what the future might bring helps current designers and manufacturers of inflatable devices to create innovative, original structures that can appeal to a mass audience today.

The Bounce Bot Inflatable Bobble Bouncer, commonly called the Bounce Bot for short, is a perfect fit for all bouncers who are fascinated by science fiction and space adventure. While the Bounce Bot is fun to bounce in, with enough room for you and your friends to safely bounce without collision, what makes it truly special lies on the outside of the structure. The Bounce Bot’s bright white walls shine under the sun, making it visible from very far away. Meanwhile, the Bot towers over its set-up site and the yard it’s located in, mainly due to the robot head and arms located at the top of the structure. As users of the bouncer star to jump around, the robot head on the ceiling of the house begins to shake from side to side. Each jump triggers a new vibration, and provides entertainment for those inside and outside supervising the activities. In addition, the two arms on the side of the structure wave up and down in sync with the head and the rest of the bouncing.

Another glimpse into the future comes by way of the Quantum Leap Inflatable Bounce House, which uses its space theme and inflatable nature to simulate walking on the moon and leaping through space better than any other bounce house on the market. Users begin their mission by climb through the zipper-opening in the front wall of the fully inflated house. What immediately makes the Quantum Leap unique is its outside design. The front wall shows off a space-walking design of astronauts on the moon, leaping their way through space, with a rocket ship and other planets and stars in the background. Few other inflatable structures have this detailed, mural-like design at the entrance and on the walls of the device. Two towering rockets act at the front two pillars of the house, readying a user’s mind for the adventure that awaits inside. Once inside, users of the bounce house can pretending they’re on the moon or some other distant planet. An elongated bouncing area allows for longer jumps, more accurately simulating the feel of soaring through space, exploring beyond Earth, searching for what life lies beyond all those stars. Outer space is a wonderful theme for bounce houses, because a bounce house can easily simulate the low gravity found on the moon.

Either of these bounce houses can especially appeal to bouncing users with dreams of the solar system and space travel, in addition to more than satisfying anyone looking for an exciting adventure bouncing and leaping throughout the day. Anything involving space and its exploration will always find a great deal of support and interest from the public, and this includes bounce houses, both today and tomorrow.

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