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Have Fun This Fourth Of July Weekend

With the 4th of July coming up this Monday, you likely have quite an amount of plans and activities in store. If nothing else, it's highly certain you have at least a three-day weekend. After all, Independence Day, the 4th of July, has to be one of the United States' most important and beloved holidays. The 4th of July is a national celebration of the founding of this country, and we go all out in celebrating. In all 50 states, family and friends hold massive barbeques, go on vacations, and attend local festivals and carnivals to celebrate with your fellow neighbor. Regardless of your location, the day will be capped off with the largest and brightest fireworks display your eyes have ever seen. In your adventures this weekend, there's a very good chance that you will have the opportunity to use a bounce house at some point. Make sure to treat them, and yourself, with the highest amount of safety and common sense you can.

During your travels in the beginning of July, you will likely see many bounce houses on display and ready for use, either in your own yard for a family gathering, or numerous different sizes and styles rented for a local festival. There’s a good chance you will see at least one bounce house with an American theme and colors. Any bounce house with an American theme is easily identifiable due to its prominent red, white, and blue color design shining brightly under the sun. These inflatable devices include bounce houses, water slides, and combo jumpers, and are sure to have the word “America” prominently in their name. To cater to large crowds, these bouncers will likely be accessible to partygoers of all ages, and free to use from sunrise to sunset.

Even though it is a holiday and time for celebration, you should not relax on safety and sense when using any kind of inflatable device. All the same rules still apply when using your bounce house. Do not detonate any kind of firework or sparkler near an inflatable device. The explosive power of even a small firecracker is enough to puncture the walls of a bounce house, not to mention the fact that every one of these devices set off sparks. These sparks can set fire to the bounce house if you aren’t careful, regardless if the bouncer is inflated or not. When the official fireworks are set to start, make sure that the bounce house has been completed deflated and properly packed away so that sparks and flames from the fireworks show do not land on, hit, or ignite the inflatables. Always have at least one responsible adult on hand near your bounce house's set-up location to make sure that it is always safe and under guard from accidents and mishaps.

Whether you have massive plans for your 4th of July weekend made well in advance, or simply intend to relax and take it easy among family for the festivities, make sure that you remain safe and happy. This great holiday is a time for celebration and excitement, and using a bounce house can bring you both of those things in abundance, but make sure that you follow all the same rules and precautions you normally would when bouncing. Safety is highly critical for all during this kind of event, especially for you and your children. Have a safe and wonderful 4th of July, everybody.

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