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Preventing Your Bounce House From Blowing Away

Bounce houses can be a wonderful opportunity for thrills and excitement in the spring and summer months. However, as strong and powerful as your bounce house may appear, it can still be fragile under the elements and poor weather. A news story you may occasionally find in the media is the report of a bounce house that has blown away or off the ground due to strong gusts of wind. It is sad to see these stories pop up more than once, not only due to the potential injuries of such an occurrence, but also because keeping your bounce house from blowing away is one of the most easily prevented accidents from occurring.

The simplest way to prevent bounce houses from blowing away is to judge for yourself whether or not set-up is a good idea. One of the basic rules that applies to all inflatable devices in all parts of the world is that you should not attempt to set up your bounce house if the wind is blowing at 15 miles per hour or faster. As strong as the stakes that hold your bounce house into solid ground are, if the wind is blowing quickly and strongly enough, the stakes will have little effect. You should be able to gauge for yourself if the weather is torrential enough to temporarily postpone any bouncing plans you had for the day.

If the wind is not gusting across the landscape at 15 mile-per-hour speeds or higher, but your bounce house is still coming loose from the ground, there might be a problem with your stakes that needs addressing. The stakes that will ship with your bounce houses have a very small probability of breaking or rusting over. Because of this, you should consider driving and pounding the stakes into the ground even harder than you already have been. Consider seeking help from a stronger neighbor or friend to help you. Single digit wind speeds should not be posing a serious problem to your bounce house. Making sure that your bounce house is secure is a top priority to maintaining the safety of the set-up site and the users.

Injuries can always be avoided in emergency situations such as these. Always keep your bounce house, as well as its users, under constant supervision to instantly detect when something has gone wrong and to take action against it. As soon as you or another watchful adult or guardian see the stakes start to come loose, or see the bounce begin to slightly lift off the ground from the wind storms, immediately have anyone using the inflatable device evacuated. Have everyone remain calm, especially the adults, as the bounce house is cleared out and its users are safe and sound underneath a roof. Once the evacuation is complete, you should attempt to take down the bounce house if you can safely do so. At the very least, you should deflate the bounce house to prevent the inflatable from potential harm.

If you are still worried about the potential havoc a bounce house may wreak on your bounce house, there is always the option to set up your inflatable bouncer indoors, using sandbags to hold the bounce house to your indoor floor, rather than stakes or spikes. Unless you happen to live in a wind tunnel, your bounce house will be safe indoors from any gusty storms that strike your area.

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