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Bounce House Buyer's Guide

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Bounce House is an inflatable structure that is made of plastic, nylon fabric, and/or PVC; that provides a soft, safe, and bouncy environment for the children to play in. Bounce Houses are also called; moonwalk, inflatable bouncer, jump house, bounce castle, and the Bounce House. (also see What is Bounce House?)

It's Fun & Safe

Size and Shape of Bounce Houses vary quite a bit, but the basic concept of the structure is same. The structure of a Bounce House is continuously inflated with power blower and to reduce the stress of impact on the structure and the children jumping on it, the structure allows the air to escape partially. This creates a very safe and enjoyable environment for the active youngsters. (also see Bounce House Safety Guide)

Variety of Style

Bounce Houses come in varying sizes from small residential types that can fit just a couple of children, to large commercial types that tens of children can play together at same time. Miniature type Bounce Houses can also be great for indoor use and these ones do NOT require constant air inflation. Thanks to the flexible nature of the material, Bounce Houses can take many different shapes; such as castles, playground, sports theme, auto racetrack, clubhouse, animals, and the possibilities are endless. (also see Bounce House Comparison)

Strong & Easy to Fix

The material for a Bounce House is also very durable, and when damaged, it's very simple and easy to repair. (also see Repair Kit or Bounce House Repair Instructions)

Bounce House Features to Think About – IMPORTANT!

Though there's widely varying styles and themes of Bounce House, following basic features must be kept in mind, when choosing a Bounce House product:

  1. The floor of the house has to have the length and the width to fit your children's needs

  2. Have a good strong ground support: A commercial grade inflatables have the quality of holding better and older kids to play on, but they are extremely heavy and costly. Properly installed Residential Grade will work beautifully for backyard and picnic purposes.

  3. Safety is of course the primary concern, when it comes to any play environment: Adult supervision at all times should be provided

  4. When choosing a Bounce House with slides, the slide should be wide (minimum recommendation width of 4 to 5 feet) and have soft guardrails

  5. Water-Use Bounce Houses can provide extra fun by keeping cool in the sun: it's like having your own little water-park in your backyard

  6. Bunch of these products can be used all year long. Depending on the size, some of these products are popular, indoors too, during winter months. Water-Use Bounce House will be limited, depending on the area that you live in.

  7. Climbing walls and obstacles can also add to all the fun from a Bounce House. Many types of interactive fun features and obstacles for the little ones to take on!

  8. Use it on grass and soft surfaces only, and never drag across rough surfaces.

  9. It's always a good idea to review the User's Guide provided by the manufacturer

  10. Be sure to keep the electric-blower from a wet environment

    Bounce Houses are a loads of fun for very young kids to pre-teen age children. It is a safe and economical way to spend sumer days, within the safety and cleanness of your own home. Your children will be instantly transported to a theme park without leaving your backyard!

    Maximize the FUN: Choosing the Right Type of Bounce House

    Size DOES Matter!: Bounce Houses with the Largest Bounce Area

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