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Bounce House Installation Guide

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Proper Installation of a Bounce House is very important to ensure safety and enjoyment of this fun-filled inflatable play-structure. A Residential Grade Bounce House is designed for the ease of assembly and disassembly.

It's ALWAYS a great idea to refer to Manufacturer's Manual for Use.


  1. Connect the blower to the inlet and tie it

  2. Secure the blower to the ground using the stakes provided

  3. One reminder is never use the blower near water or in wet conditions(see Bounce House Safety Guide)

  4. If ever the blower gets wet, unplug it and wait for it to dry up, before reuse

  5. The unit itself will inflate within a couple of minutes

  6. Leave the blower running the entire time while its being used

  7. You will be hearing the a breathing sound out of the unit, intentionally to allow air out

  8. Once your assembly is done anchor the inflatable unit to the ground

  9. Then fill with water(for Water Slide Types only)

  10. You are all set to bounce!


  1. Empty any water units while still inflated(for Water Slide Types only)

  2. Allow the unit to continue to run until it gets dry

  3. Then turn it off and unplug the blower

  4. Once the product is deflated, fold and store it in a cool and dry environment

  5. Regularly inspect seams and play surfaces for any necessary repairs(see Bounce House Repair Instructions and Repair Kit)

  6. Nature can damage these types of products if not properly stored

A Bounce House can be one of the most safe way to enjoy a summer day with friends in the backyard, when it is used properly by following the above Bounce house Safety Guide.

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