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Bounce House Safety Guide

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One of the best qualities of a Bounce House and other Inflatable Play-Structures is the fact that it is quite SAFE. The design itself is soft and filled with air that bumping into or falling on the structure itself would be safer than any other types of toys or structures. However, the Bounce House play experience can be much better enjoyed, when you follow this Bounce House Safety Guide.

Bounce House Safety and other inflatable play-structures

  1. Proper Set-Up of a Bounce House (see Bounce House Installation)

  2. Only the manufacturer recommended electric-powered blower should be used

  3. Adult supervision at all times

  4. Fall Zone should be correctly padded

  5. Avoid windy or rainy days

  6. Avoid getting the blower wet: damage to unit and/or injury risk

  7. Limit the number of children recommended by manufacturer's guidelines

  8. Prevent older kids from jumping with younger children

  9. Make sure the children to empty their pockets before using a Bounce House

  10. Make sure the children remove eyeglasses, jewelry, and/or any sharp objects

  11. Do not bounce any closer than 2 feet from each other and the entrance

  12. No flips, wrestling, or other types of rough housing in a Bounce House

  13. Bouncers should be grouped according to age and size

  14. A Bounce House should not be damaged when in use (see Bounce House Repair Instructions)

A Bounce House can be one of the most safe way to enjoy a summer day with friends in the backyard, when it is used properly by following the above Bounce house Safety Guide.

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