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Bounce House Buyer's Guide

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Inflatable game structures have exceeded throughout the history. It provided the kids with fun and safe time. As marketed under variety of names in the US, inflatable bounce houses are ten times better than jumping off from a mattress, or trampolines. The bounce houses are evolving to a safe and fun way to enjoy your time with family and friends.

How do bounce houses work?

Inflatable (a design to be filled with air) meaning that an air blowing device will continuously pump up air into the Inflatable Bounce House, one quality you need for this to work. The surface is typically composed of a thick PVC which are vinyl and nylon, typically highly reactive, easily polymerized, and used as basic materials for plastics. The Bounce houses are inflated using an electric powered blower. The whole purpose of this is, one of the constant leakage, meaning tiny punctures would not be a problem, which means, fans are needed to be quite powerful. There are two types of inflatable you need to know about. Beware of cheap knock offs. There have been a number of recalls due to low-cost knock offs. Blowers require power in order to inflate the bouncer and must be used in areas that have power readily accessible. If you don't have power for your bouncing party, you will need a generator to run the blower.

Residential vs. Commercial grade materials

Residential Grade inflatables are made out of a woven oxford cloth as the primary material. This cloth makes it a lot more lighter, scaling in at as little as 30 lbs. Because of the lighter weight, residential inflatables are the easiest to assemble and dissemble. Residential bounce houses can be used for years guaranty.

Commercial Grade inflatables are made out of PVC tarpaulin material, and are designed for continuous use scenarios. As commercial inflatable can be use for at home, they are very expensive. It is going for a heavy duty inflatables there weighing at least over 150 lbs for just a small unit. These types of bounce houses are commonly used by rental businesses, and recreational centers, and a lot of day cares.

Bounce House Features:

Theres a lot of different varieties and themes featured for the houses which ever you will be picking will all have these contents. First thing about a Bounce House is the floor of the house, it has to have the length and the width to fit your kids. Another important feature would be is to have a good strong ground support. Commercial grade inflatables have the quality of holding heavier and older kids recommended. Second would be the slides, of course its a number one priority for the kids to be safe. For safety purposes get a slide thats wide enough for the young ones to slide down, needing something like at least few feet tall would be good. Third would be water, mostly every inflatable water houses is a hit for having awesome fun in the sun and still keeping your cool. Its like having your own water park in your backyard. Bunch of these products can be used all year long. Water items will get you a time limit of 6-9 months, depending of how you take care of the product. Last part of the house would be the climbing walls and obstacles. We all grew up trying to climb walls and run through obstacle and at the end of the day we had fun. A lot of interactive fun features for the little ones to do. All these features are use for adult supervision. Use it on grass and soft surfaces only, and never drag across rough surfaces.


Connect the blower to the inlet and tie it. Secure the blower to the ground using the stakes provided. One reminder is never use the blower near water or in wet conditions. If ever the blower gets wet, unplug it and wait for it to dry up, then plug it in and start the blower. The unit itself will inflate within a couple of minutes. Leave the blower running the entire time while its being used. You will be hearing the a breathing sound out of the unit, intentionally to allow air out. Once your assembly is done anchor the inflatable unit to the ground and your all set to bounce!


Empty any water units while still inflated. Allow the unit to continue to run until it gets dry. Then turn it off and unplug the blower. Once the product is deflated, fold and store it in a cool and dry environment. Regularly inspect seams and play surfaces for any necessary repairs. Nature can damage these types of products if not properly stored.

Quick Repair Tips:

Damage caused by nature or man-made factors can be repaired with the repair kit provided. To repair, deflate the product all the way and ensure surface is dry. Cut patches to sizes suitable for repair. Apply glue on both the repair patches and the damaged surface. For larger punctures and rips, the unit can be repaired using the included patch and strong thread. For more information about repairs, please read How to repair a tear in an inflatable bouncer or water slide article.

The differences between Superstar and Quantum Leap

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Superstar Moonwalk and Quantum Leap bounce houses are the most popular bounce houses from Blast Zone. Which one do you prefer? This article summarizes the similarities and key differences.


Most important about these products are safety of the bouncers: netting encloses all sides of the bouncers which are fully zipped. They're both enjoyable for birthday parties, fun fulling events that will take your kids' mind away. Both bounce houses are made of top quality interwoven oxford cloth with a strong flooring support. Airflow blowers continually pumps air into the bouncer, which would leak air out of the porous material. Composed of PVC bounce floor makes the bounce area more durable. Both are categoried as residential grade inflatables, meaning lighter weight, easy to assemble and disassemble. Guaranteed to be used all year long.


The fundamental differences between the two bounce houses is the area of bounce floor. Superstar Moonwalk has a slightly bigger bounce area, 11' x 11', whereas Quantum Leap has 10' x 10' bounce floor. Superstar also has a slide at the entrance where Quantum Leap doesn't. Besides those two features, the only differences are color and themes. The table below depicts feature comparison of the two bounce houses.

FeatureSuperstar MoonwalkQuantum Leap
Dimensions:12' x 15' x 7'11' x 11' x 7'
Bounce Floor:11' x 11'10' x 10'
Max Occupancy:55
Max Weight/User:100 lbs100 lbs
Age Limit:3+3+
Carrying Case:YesYes
Safety Netting:Heavy DutyHeavy Duty
Product Weight:50 lbs50 lbs
Inflate Time:Less than 2 min.Less than 2 min.

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