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Bounce House Safety Guide

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Bounce houses and water slides bring actions to the block and birthday parties. However, using bounce house without following safety guide may cause accidents and could potentially hurt little one. The safety guidelines described in this article will help prevent accidental injury.

There are a few things a parents should know about before buying an inflatable bounce house for their children. Inflatable bounce houses and water slides should be setup properly and used with a precaution to minimize the risk of hazard. For an example, an improperly setup bounce house collapsing while kids inside but without adult supervision may cause a little ones hard to escape. Unfit supervision increases the danger of broken or dislocated bones. Allowing younger children to jump with the older children is the most common safety hazard cited by safety officials.

Minimum Safety requirements

  1. Structures must be properly erected, operated, and maintained during its use.
  2. Fall zones must be correctly padded.
  3. Manufacturer's recommendations, operating instructions, safety inspections, and procedures must be followed.
  4. The product devices must be supervised and monitored at all times by adult personnel.

Private Rental safety

  1. If you are renting an inflatable jumper, ask about the operators experience.
  2. Make sure the jumper is set up by trained professionals who are familiar with the equipment.
  3. Spend the extra money to have a trained operator supervising the jumper at all times.

Consumers Awareness

  • Be aware of the risks
  • Pay attention to the weather
  • Avoid inflatables on windy days.
  • Supervise children closely
  • Limit the number of children allowed in an inflatable jumper.
  • Never allow older kids to jump with younger children.
  • All bouncers must empty out their pocket before entering the bounce house.
  • All bouncers must remove eyeglasses, jewelry, and any hard or sharp objects.
  • Do not bounce any closer than two feet from each other or two feet from the door.
  • Absolutely No flips, wrestling, or other forms of rough housing are allowed in the
  • bounce house.
  • Bouncers should be grouped according to age and size.

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