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Rainforest Rapids Bounce House & Water Park

$799.99  $699.99
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Date Added: 05/27/2008 by doug plant
a few negatives, this thing really is big but not as big as they make it look, there are no directions to get the water hoses connected so just use your regular hose i suppose...and you may want to prop up the middle portion of the pool area so you can get more water in it with a couple of coushions from your patio furnature but here are the positives this bouncer should last a long long time it is very durable we had our 2 young kids 2 adults and there friends on it and no problems at all. be sure to tie the 2 holes on the outside of the bouncer and have the blower going in the middle so it doesnt lose air, but for the price its a great deal and very durable id buy again and again...use code rainforest when you checkout to save 50.00

Date Added: 05/10/2008 by Anne
It blows up in about 2 minutes, but to put it away you have to be sure to let all the water out, then blow it up again and let it dry out. It takes about 20-30 minutes to put it away properly. It's also a little confusing because it has 3 tubes in the back, but you just use one of the long ones to blow it up and tie the other two tubes shut. Then to deflate, you have 3 tubes which makes it deflate faster.

Other than that, my kids love the Rainforest Rapids. We were looking for a small jumper and upsold ourselves to this. I'm so glad we did, because the kids play on it for hours, and are soooo tired when they're done. Without the water you need a slip sheet or a pillow case to use the slides, because they're not that steep (which is good because it is very safe). You also enter the slides from the inside, and they have netting on top, so there is no way for kids to fall out or get hurt.

Be prepared, it's pretty heavy, and will leave the lawn wet, and your kids will want you to take it out every day. I can't begin to describe how much fun they have though!

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