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KidKraft Large Kitchen

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Date Added: 07/14/2008 by Katrina Chappelle
I could not be more pleased with this kitchen. It is simply wonderful! It is undeniably one of the most visibly appealing play kitchens out there. It is the perfect size and easily accomodates two children playing at a time. Most importantly it is very durable. I can tell that it will last for many years in our home. The finish allows it to be easily cleaned. No need to fret if a little one colors on it as it will wipe right off!While the assembly is a bit tedious (many screws) it is surprisingly easy. We had it together in about an hour and a half. My two year old son and four year old daughter absolutely love this kitchen and I am confident any child would.

Date Added: 03/14/2008 by Allan K
As my kids began to outgrow their Discover Sounds kitchen, I began scouting around new kitchens. I checked out the many plastic molded kitchens, but opted to go the wood kitchen route. Of the wood kitchens, this is far and away the nicest, best equipped, and most attractive kitchen I've found. The sink is removable and can actually be filled with water. The faucet swivels, the clock hands are movable, there are two shelves in the cabinet beneath the sink for storage, two shelves in the refrigerator (in addition to the freezer compartment on top), and a white grooved shelf in the oven that serves as the removable oven rack.

There is room for lots and lots of playfood, dishes, pots, pans, utensils, and small appliances. I love that the color scheme is suitable for both boys and girls, and much more appealing than the more institutional-looking wood kitchens.

The assembled kitchen is approximately 42" wide X 43" high X 16" deep (excluding handles and knobs). It took my husband and I over an hour to assemble, and as each additional piece gets attached, it locks the piece together very solidly.

There is room for multiple children to play simultaneously, as my children often do. It is a major piece of our playroom, and an integral part of my kids' day-to-day play.

Date Added: 03/09/2008 by Robert M.
I scoured the internet looking for the perfect size kitchen for my little girl. I finally found this kitchen and it looked great. It arrived in less than a week and was a breeze to put together. All the bolts and screws are color coded and packed in a nice tray so they aren't lost in the box. The only other tools I needed was a Phillips screwdriver, a flat head screwdriver, and a 7mm rachet tool (used at the end to screw the caps on the hinge bolts). It didn't call for the rachet tool but I like to make sure everything is well tightened. I would recommend this toy to anyone looking for a good, sturdy kitchen set for their child. My little girl loves it and, at 20 months, is beginning to make-believe with her kitchen.

Date Added: 02/10/2008 by Jules Santana
I hesitated about spending this much money on a toy for my three-year-old daughter, even a really nice toy. But she kept insisting she wanted Santa to bring her a "stove" so she could cook (I cook a lot, and she is in the mimicking phase). So I researched kitchen sets extensively and the reviews from all over the Internet kept bringing me to this one. I could not be more pleased with this purchase, for LOTS of reasons, some of which are listed below:

1) My husband, engineer by trade and furniture craftsman by hobby, is incredibly picky and critical of nearly all pre-fabricated kits/sets when it comes to things like this. A few years ago I purchased a very expensive, professional-grade dollhouse kit for him to build for a Christmas gift, and he was woefully unimpressed and I have never forgotten his displeasure. So I was really worried about this kitchen, and so was he. About halfway through the construction of this kitchen, he looked up and said, "This is one of the best kits I've ever seen." Which is the highest possible compliment he could have given, I promise. It did take him between 2.5 and 3 hours to put it together, because there are a LOT of screws. But the upside is this seems to be a remarkably well-constructed, sturdy piece, so it's worth the effort.

2) My daughter is completely in love with this set. She opened it first (biggest present under the tree), and my husband and brother-in-law moved it into her room so that we could get to everyone else's gifts under the tree. My daughter followed the kitchen to her room, and we had to bribe her out for the rest of Christmas Day to open other presents, eat, etc! And she has repeatedly told me how much she loves her "stove." She received a set of play food and a shopping cart to go with this, and she has spent many hours "shopping" and then putting away her groceries and "cooking dinner."

Considering this set is so well-constructed and she is only 3, I think this purchase was well worth the investment for several years of quality imaginative play.

Date Added: 01/12/2008 by Ricky Bobby
I researched awhile before settling on this kitchen. I wanted a wooden one that wasn't too pricey, but still sturdy enough for my kids. I had owned plastic kitchens in the past and they aren't sturdy enough because they have a tendency to tip over. This one is perfect! I have 3 daughters, ages 16 months to 9 years. Since I received this I can't get them out of the playroom. They play almost constantly with it, and my 9 year old son even gets in on the action. Assembling was rather easy as all the parts are numbered with easy to understand instructions. I though it would take hours considering all the screws included, but it took me only an hour and my husband only helped on the first 4 large pieces. The only negative was that it smelled chemically after opening it and assembling. We had to crack the playroom window in order for the smell to air out of the room overnight. I suggest that you open the box after receiving and let it air out for a day or so before assembly. The smell was enough to give us a headache. But I highly recommend this kitchen for anyone looking for a middle of the road price for a wooden kitchen - and some of those wooden kitchen's can be very expensive. It is large enough for a real feel in a kitchen, but not so oversized that it consumes the whole room. The clencher came when I was shopping for food-stuffs and went to Target where I found all varieties of food (meat, veggies, fruits, can goods, boxed goods, etc.), for a dollar each. For $20 I filled the whole kitchen full of stuff. This is really a perfect kitchen for my kids.

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