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Tear-Aid Patch Kit

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Date Added: 11/30/2036 by CasualReviewer
"Patched a tear in my flexible water cooler and it worked. The repair was easy as per the instructions. However, I did not use it on a pool or inflatable to test it under pressure. I have already purchased more to repair a larger item."

Date Added: 11/30/2036 by Seth Carter
tried a variety of *super* stick patch kits on a $150 aero bed and none worked. still not sure why or how I stumbled upon this product but it was the easiest of all the kits to apply and, stop the presses, IT WORKS!

I think the best part is that its transparent, that way you can see just how much this patch really flexes when the aero bed is inflated. That little puncture is 5 times as wide once the bed is blown up and this tear-aid stuff just stretches with it. no wonder river raft guides know all about it.

Date Added: 11/30/2036 by Teach04
I recently bought a new parka for ice fishing, and the second time I had it out I accidentally put a cut in it with an auger blade. After doing some research, I decided to try Tear-Aid. The instructions were easy to follow, and it nicely patched my parka.

The only down fall so far was that the edges never really stuck well, and I had to trim them a bit. Also, the patches are not completely see through so the patch job is not the prettiest thing to look at, but luckily mine is not in a real visable location.

Date Added: 11/30/2036 by Jim
I went by the prior reviews on Tear Aid and I was not disappointed. I used it on a pop up camper but before I did I took a piece and just plain tried to destroy or rip it.

Its not happening. Everyone laughed at me for waiting on shiping of this product instead of going to the local boat store and using their brand but a 5 star rating is earned and i wanted the best.

Date Added: 11/30/2036 by rick25137
My brand new $300. inflatable popped after its second use. I purchased tear aid, repaired the two holes I found and believe it or not the product worked. Towed 2 kids around the bay 20-30 mph, hitting waves and the patches held. Unbelievably I hit an object in the water the next time out, found the hole (size of a pencil head) used tear aid for the third time and went tubing the next day. Six hours of intense tubing and all three patches held. Still using the tube repaired by Tear Aid. I am buying another kit and recommend this product to anyone who will listen. "This stuff works as advertised.

Date Added: 11/30/2036 by HAVinEG
Purchased hip waders a few years ago for use in my Koi pond, and while they were a name brand item, both have cracked on the bending seam. Used the tear-aid patch on both boots, and found them to be excellent. Used them last weekend to clean the filter and other chores in and around the pond, and no leaks!!

Date Added: 11/30/2036 by CaptainMopar
I bought this kit to repair several tears in a Gazebo I had purchased. It is exactly as described and holds together unbelievably well. Just follow the directions as described and it will hold better than the material itself. In fact I accidentally let it touch the fabric and when I tried to remove the patch it actually tore the fabric so you need to make sure that you put it in the right place the first time.

Date Added: 11/30/2036 by JerryJay11
Used this kit on my boat cover so far. Patch stayed on even driving highway speeds to tournaments several times. I purchased both kit types and very satisfied with the boat cover repair.

Date Added: 11/30/2036 by RRM2
"I used it on our inflatable and it worked great did not have to replace it."

Date Added: 11/30/2036 by T. Bowlden
I ordered this product after trying several others to repair the holes in a vinyl, blow-up bouncy ball pit thing that my kids love to play and jump in. The thing takes a lot of abuse, so once it had some holes, I thought we'd have to get rid of it, but this product worked beautifully to patch the holes and has held up for several weeks now. I will be ordering more.

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