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Quantum Leap Inflatable Bounce House

$499.99  $429.99
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This bounce house is by far the best thing I've ever bought. My cousin bought one for his kids, and told me I'd be happy, but I never knew how awesome this bounce house is. My daughter has special needs, and this is a fabulous way for her to get exercise and work out her energy.

First of all, both of my kids LOVE the bounce house, and ask me to put it up every weekend. It's really not a big deal, because it really does take a bout a minute to blow up, and to take it down, I just let it deflate on its own.

The kids friends come over, and my wife and I can let them play without worrying because it's really safe (unlike our pool), so we don't have to worry about the kids while the play. The kids do rough house a bit, but the design with the netting keeps them from getting hurt.

I really can't believe the amount of abuse they've put this thing through, and it looks brand new still! It's not very tall, so come winter, we'll use it indoors as well.

Date Added: 03/10/2008 by Scott Shaw
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