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Superstar Moonwalk Bounce House

$479.99  $399.99
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When my wife called to say she was buying a bounce house for the boys (age 5,6,8) I was hesitant to get one from the internet. We have been renting them three times a year, for about over atleast $100 at time, so we felt it would be a good idea to buy one. As usual, she proved me wrong. My Kids adore this things. The overall height was low, and since we wanted something we could use inside and out, we decided to go with the Superstar, because it seemed like the best value. The Super Star turned out to be bigger than I expected, but it still fits in our garage, which is a huge bonus for us when it's cold. We put a tarp on the floor underneath it. The picture looks like it's open, but the front actually velcro's shut so the kids are kept inside with no problem. Our boys treat it like you'd expect - like it's a big wrestling ring. It worked out pretty well, and I think the ideal age range is 3-8. Our 8 year old is big for his age, and he likes playing in it, but the younger kids seem to like it even more. They want to sleep in it, but I don't know how they'd be able to sleep in it with the fan going the whole time. Buying the bounce house online and not being able to test it person worried me. Now that I see my 3 boys on it having an amazing time, I am so glad my wife purchased it. This summer we have been setting the Super Star up outside. The boys play on the bouncer for a few hours before coming inside exhausted.

* Easy to set up
* Can be used indoors and outdoors
* Tires the kids out!
* Has lasted me six months with no problems
* Comes with a carrying bag
* Blows up and is ready to use in only a couple of minutes
* Low overall height (I think 7ft or so)

* Takes about 10 minutes to roll the bouncer tightly for storage
* The air blower is loud, but a lot quieter then the rental bounce house blowers we have used in the past (louder than a hair dryer, not as loud as a vacuum).
Date Added: 07/01/2008 by Nick Vernon
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