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Jump 'N Dodgeball

$699.00  $479.00
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BOUNCING & DODGE BALL FUN rolled into one! My husband and I have been searching for a BOUNCE HOUSE to buy at a great price and I found this one recently at a major store that doesn't usually carry this type of item. They were making room for the new season's merchandise. I am comparing the durability of this product to a bounce house my sister bought at Sams Club a few years ago and I found this product to be very durable and well made. It is large enough for 6 to 8, four year olds to bounce around in it! Or 4 - 100 lb. kids or 2 - 200 lb adults! From taking it out of the box to allowing the blower to blow it up - we had it inflated and were jumping in it in less than 10 minutes. Putting it away takes about 20 minutes but fits easily in the storage bag. This item is well worth the $450 they are asking for it and will certainly bring future birthday party costs down if you are used to renting these for birthdays. We used it the past two parties we had and the kids had a great time. We didn't use the dodge balls when the little ones were playing, but it was great fun to play dodge ball with the big kids and adults! When the little kids were playing they just jumped through the dodge ball wall for fun instead of playing with the dodge balls.
Date Added: 06/03/2008 by Cathy Lee
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