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Bounce House Repair Instructions

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Most Bounce Houses are made of Polyvinyl Chloride(PVC) or vinyl and nylon material, that are durable and flexible. Also, the Bounce House is inflated by electric-powered blower, in a constant fashion. In some models, you will hear the air escaping out or see air bubbles in Water Slides. This is intentionally done and perfectly normal, to ensure that the Bounce House or similar inflatable play-structures are not over inflated and prevent the unit from damage by sudden impact of jumping. The Bounce House is designed to loose air on impact(jump) to minimize the stress on the fabric.

In order to prevent the risk of damage to your Bounce House or other inflatable play-structures, please refer to Bounce House Safety Guide.

What if my Bounce House does not stay inflated with constantly blowing air blower?

Check for any tear in the structure's fabric or its seams. You'll need to repair the tears with Repair Kits, and may use stitchings. Most models of Bounce House come with patches and Repair Kits. If you do not have a repair kit, you can order one here. To repair tears on an inflatable, please follow the simple steps below:

  1. Cut out a repair patch that is larger than the puncture

  1. The patch must be cut in a circle or have rounded ages to prevent peeling

  1. Make sure the area is properly cleaned. Rubbing alcohol may be used to clean a teared surface

           a) For vinyl and nylon, apply the glue on back of the patch and apply it over the puncture and press           firmly to obtain proper adhesion

           b) For PVC materials, you may sew the tear or hole with a patch using strong thread. Read owner's           manual to see if you can sew tears or holes

           c) With our New Repair Kit, it can become even easier to repair minor tears on your Bounce House.

  1. Once repair is complete, do not inflate the Bounce House for at least 2 hours

Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3

Figure 4

A Bounce House can be one of the most safe way to enjoy a summer day with friends in the backyard, when it is used properly by following the Bounce house Safety Guide.

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