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What is a Bounce House?

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Inflatable play-structures have become very popular in the recent years. It can provide the children with safe and fun environment to enjoy a physical workout and play. As marketed under variety of names in the US, inflatable Bounce House is the most commonly used name for these fun-filled inflatable play-structures.

As you embark on your way to Buying a Bounce House that is just right for you and your children, there are a few things to keep in mind. (see Bounce House Comparison)

While Trampolines and Trampettes(Mini-Trampolines) are a loads of fun for the older kids, a Bounce House is much safer than the Trampolines for the younger children, and most importantly, it is more fun than jumping on the parents' bed. A Bounce House ever evolving to become more fun, creative, and safe. A Bounce House is a safe and fun way to enjoy being a kid on a beautiful summer afternoon in the backyard. (see Bounce House Safety Guide)

How does a Bounce House work?

Most Bounce Houses are made with PVC or vinyl/nylon combination fabric, constantly inflating the structure with an electric-powered blower. A Bounce House is designed to absorb and minimize risks of damage and injury to children by letting the air escape upon impact(jumping), so the blower has to constantly inflating the structure with additional air. This also enables the Bounce House to be functional, even with some very minor punctures and/or leakage. You may need a generator to operate the blower. (see Bounce House Installation Guide)

The surface is typically composed of a thick PVC which are vinyl and nylon, typically highly reactive, easily polymerized, and used as basic materials for plastics. There may be occasional damage and tear from use, but the Repair Kit can be used to simply patch up the Bounce House.(see Bounce House Repair Instructions)

A Bounce House can be one of the most safe and fun way to enjoy a summer day with friends in the backyard.

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